在 “SQL数据库的终结? (第一篇/共三篇)” 里我简要介绍了一下关于SQL语言和关系型数据库的背景知识,包括它的过去和将来,介绍了一些以隐藏数据库编程的复杂度为目的模式框架的流行和NoSQL数据库的兴起。在本文的第二篇里,我将介绍一些现有的开源的或非开源的NoSQL数据库。之后,在第三篇里,我将引导你去发现网上的关于NoSQL的资料,告诉你一些跟NoSQL相关的已经发生的和即将发生的一些事件,给软件开发者提供一些这方面的指导。



公司/组织: Franz Inc.
类型: Graph
简介: Modern, high performance, persistent graph database.
存储方案: Disk based, meta-data and data triples.
API(s): SPARQL, Prolog


公司/组织: Oracle
类型: Key/Value
简介: C language embeddable library for enterprise-grade, concurrent,
transactional storage services. Thread safe to avoid data corruption or
存储方案: B-tree, hash table, persistent queue
API(s): C, C++ and Java
备注: Use BerkleyDB XML layer on top of BerkleyDB for XML based
applications. Comparison
of BerkleyDB and relational databases


公司/组织: Google
类型: Sparse, distributed, persistent multidimensional sorted map.
简介: Distributed storage system for structured data. Data model provides
dynamic control over data layout and format. Data can live in memory or
on disk.
存储方案: Data is stored as an uninterpreted array of bytes. Client
applications can create structured and semi-structured data inside the
byte arrays.
API(s): Python, GQL, Sawzall API, REST, various.
备注: Overview: Bigtable: A
Distributed Storage System for Structured Data
(PDF format)


公司/组织: Apache
类型: Dimensional hash table
简介: Highly scalable distributed database. Combines Dynamo’s distributed design and Bigtable’s column
family data model.
存储方案: Clusters of multiple keyspaces. The keyspace is a name space for
column families. Columns are comprised of a name, value and timestamp.
API(s): Java, Ruby, perl, Python, C#, Thrift framework.
备注: Open sourced by Facebook in 2008. Wiki, FAQ, Examples


公司/组织: Apache
类型: Document
简介: Distributed database with incremental replication, bi-directional
conflict detection and management.
存储方案: Ad-hoc and schema-free with a flat address space.
API(s): RESTful JSON API. JavaScript query language.
备注: CouchDB Introduction, Technical


公司/组织: Versant
类型: Object
简介: Java and .NET dual license (commercial and open source) object
存储方案: Data objects are stored in the way they are defined in the
API(s): Java, .NET languages.
备注: db4o db4o
database runtime engine
, about db4o


公司/组织: Millstone Creative Works
类型: JSON-based
简介: Schemaless database similar to Amazon’s SimpleDB. Open source,
standalone Java application server.
存储方案: JSON data format, “bags” (similar to tables).
API(s): HTTP and Javascript APIs
备注: Dovetaildb JavaScript
reference manual


公司/组织: Cliff Moon
类型: Key/Value
简介: Open source Amazon
clone written in Erlang.
存储方案: Distributed key/valve store, Pluggable storage engines.
API(s): Thrift API
备注: Dynomite Wiki


公司/组织: IBM
类型: In-memory grid/cache
简介: Distributed cache processes, partitions, replicates and manages data
across servers.
存储方案: Data and database cache, “near cache” for local subset of data. Java
persistent cache. Map reduce support.
API(s): Java APIs, REST data service
备注: eXtreme Scale Document
web site


公司/组织: FIS
类型: Hierarchical, multi-dimensional sparse arrays, content associative
简介: Small footprint, multi-dimensional array with fill support for ACID
transactions, optimistic concurrency and software transactional memory.
存储方案: Unstructured array of bytes. Can be Key/Value, document oriented,
schema-less, dictionary or any other data model.
API(s): Mumps, C/C++, SQL
备注: GT.M FAQ


公司/组织: Christoph Rupp
类型: Embedded storage library
简介: Lightweight embedded database engine. Supports on disk and in memory
存储方案: B+tree with variable length keys.
API(s): C++, Python, .NET and Java
备注: hamsterdb FAQ, examples, tutorial


公司/组织: Apache
类型: Sparse, distributed, persistent multidimensional sorted map.
简介: Open source, distributed, column-oriented, “Bigtable like” store
存储方案: Data row has a sortable row key and an arbitrary number of columns,
each containing arrays of bytes.
API(s): Java API, Thrift API, RESTful API
备注: Part of Apache Hadoop project. HBase Wiki, FAQ


公司/组织: Zvents Inc.
类型: Sparse, distributed, persistent multidimensional sorted map.
简介: High performance distributed data storage system designed to run on
distributed filesystems (but can run on local filesystems). Modeled
after Google Bigtable.
存储方案: Row key (primary key), column family, column qualifier, time stamp.
API(s): C++, Thrift API, HQL
备注: Hypertable Architectural


公司/组织: JBoss Community
类型: Grid/Cache
简介: Scalable, highly available, peer to peer, data grid platform.
存储方案: Key/Value pair with optional expiration lifespan.
API(s): Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, C
备注: Infinispan FAQ, Wiki


类型: Graph
简介: Internet graph database made up on nodes and edges. Supports
in-memory and persistent storage alternatives including RDBMS, file
system, file grid, and custom storage.
存储方案: Nodes (meshobjects) and edges (relationships). Meshobjects can have
entity types, properties and participage in relationships. MeshObjects
raise events.
API(s): RESTful web services.
备注: InfoGrid Overview, FAQ


公司/组织: Scalien
类型: Key/Value
简介: Distributed (master/slave) key-value data store delivering strong
consistency, fault-tolerance and high availability.
存储方案: Uses BErkeleyDB library for For local storage. Key/Value pairs and
their state are replicated to multiple servers.
API(s): C/C++, Python, PHP, HTTP
备注: Keyspace Overview, FAQ


类型: Key/Value
简介: High performance, high realiability persistent storage engine for
key/value object storage.
存储方案: Uses BerkeleyDB as storage library/backend.
API(s): Memcache protocol, C, Python, Java, perl
备注: MemcacheDB complete
(PDF format)


公司/组织: Ericsson
类型: Key/Value
简介: Multiuser distributed database including support for replication and
dynamic reconfiguration.
存储方案: Organized as a set of tables made up of Erlang records. Tables also
have properties including type location, persistence, etc.
API(s): Erlang
备注: Mnesia Reference


公司/组织: 10gen
类型: Document
简介: Scalable, high-performance, open source, schema-free,
document-oriented database
存储方案: JSON-like data schemas, Dynamic queries, Indexing, replication,
API(s): C,C++, Java, JavaScript, perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, Erlang, Go,
Groovy, Haskell, Scala, F#
备注: MongoDB Documentation


公司/组织: Neo Technology
类型: Graph
简介: Embedded, small footprint, disk based, transactional graph database
written in Java. Dual license – free and commercial.
存储方案: Graph-oriented data model with nodes, relationships and properties.
API(s): Java, Python, Ruby, Scala, Groovy, PHP, RESTful API.
备注: Neo4J Wiki, API, FAQ


类型: Key/Value
简介: Key/Value store with the dataset kept in memory and saved to disk
asynchronously. “not just another key-value DB”
存储方案: Values can be strings, lists sets and sorted sets.
API(s): Python, Ruby, PHP, Erlang, Lua, C, C#, Java, Scala, perl
备注: Redis Wiki


公司/组织: Amazon
类型: Item/Attribute/Value
简介: Scalable Web Service providing data storage, query and indexing in
Amazon’s cloud.
存储方案: Items (like rows of data), Attributes (like column headers), and
Values (can be multiple values)
备注: SimpleDB FAQ, Getting
Started Guide
, Developer

Tokyo Cabinet

公司/组织: Mikio Hirabayashi
类型: Key/Value
简介: Library (written in C) of functions for managing files of key/value
pairs. Multi-thread support.
存储方案: Keys and Values can have variable byte length. Binary data and
strings can be used as a key and a value.
API(s): C, perl, Ruby, Java, Lua.
备注: Tokyo Cabinet Specifications, presentation(PDF
format). Also available: Tokyo Tyrant (remote service), Tokyo Distopia
(full text search), Tokyo Promenade (content management).


公司/组织: LinkedIn
类型: Hash Table
简介: “It is basically just a big, distributed, persistent, fault-tolerant
hash table.” High performance and availability.
存储方案: Each key is unique to a store. Each key can have at most one value.
Supported types: JSON, string, identity, protobuf, java-serialization.
API(s): Java, C++, custom clients
备注: Project Voldemort Wiki, Client


在”SQL 数据库的终结 – 第三篇” 中,我将会告诉大家一些因特网上关于 NoSQL 的资料,过去和将要发生的事件,以及一些相关指导。





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